6 April, 2021
O1 Properties leads collection of used equipment at business centres

April 6, 2021. O1 Properties is teaming with the Russian environment charity Sobirator in a campaign to collect and recycle redundant office equipment at the Company’s business centres in Moscow.

The campaign will be held at the White Square, Ducat Place III, Legend, Vivaldi Plaza, Lighthouse, Stanislavsky Factory, Silver City, White Stone, Krugozor, iCUBE and LeFORT business centres and will take place on specific dates between 7 and 29 April 2021, one day for each business centre.

Business centre tenants can hand in old equipment at the building where they work. Large and small office equipment and appliances and gadgets will be accepted, as well as plastic cards, CDs, pens, markers, cables, etc. All of the items will be sent to partner companies of Sobirator for recycling.

Elena Belevtseva, Marketing and Communications Director of O1 Properties,said: “Reducing the environmental footprint of office real estate is a key priority for our Company. We have introduced separate waste collection at all of our sites as part of our sustainable development program, and we are working to encourage environment-friendly work practices among our staff and building users. We already held a number of successful actions to collect waste for recycling and we are now offering to accept and recycle equipment and gadgets that are hard to dispose of.”

Systems for separate collection and sorting of general waste are already in place at business centres of O1 Properties, and containers for collecting and properly disposing of batteries have been installed in the offices of building managers.

Caring for the environment and reducing the eco-trail at business centres is part of O1 Properties’ programme of corporate social responsibility. Ten of the Company’s facilities are certified under the British BREEAM standard for environmental performance. Buildings of O1 Properties are fitted with systems that save resources and reduce harmful emissions and most of the Company’s sites are open to the public and have landscaped grounds. O1 Properties has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2019, and the Company has been an office partner for the Russian National Network of the UN Global Compact since 2020.

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