Green buildings

As one of the largest owners of office real estate in Moscow, we are committed to reducing harmful impact of the urban environment on the natural world. Our business centres use environmentally efficient technologies, including systems that reduce resource consumption, infrastructure for users of alternative modes of transport, landscaping of building grounds that takes account of biodiversity, use of sustainable building management practices, etc.

Environment-friendly buildings do more than reduce negative impact of the city on nature. They offer a better-quality working environment for building users by ensuring visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, improving indoor air quality and providing space for recreation. People work more productively in such surroundings.

10 buildings in our portfolio are certified to BREEAM international environmental performance standards.

For full information on what sustainable buildings are and how green technologies can create comfortable and productive spaces for living and working, please visit our website.

Separate collection and sorting of waste

Since 2019, O1 Properties has practised separate collection and sorting of waste in four streams at our business centres. Tenants can also deposit used batteries for recycling at the management company offices in each building.

Six of our centres (Lighthouse, LeFORT, Silver City, Krugozor, Legend and iCUBE) have installed containers for collection of old clothing (in association with Russia’s Second Wind Foundation). The clothing is sent for recycling or for distribution to families in need.

In 2020, responding to requirements for wearing of sanitary masks and gloves, we offered tenants a solution for separate disposal of medical waste.

We regularly organize special initiatives to collect various types of recyclable waste. This encourages our tenants to get involved in the waste sorting project and emphasizes the importance of environmentally responsible behaviour.

Earth Hour

Since 2011 we have supported and taken part in the Earth Hour initiative, which takes place on the last Saturday of March each year, organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The purpose of Earth Hour is to raise public awareness of the climate change crisis. We take part in the event by turning off external lighting at our business centres.

Website for Sustainable Real Estate

We have created and launched a web portal designed to raise awareness among key stakeholders of the importance of environmental performance in real estate. The site brings together articles on technologies that can reduce the environmental footprint of real estate and articles that analyze the relationship between environmentally efficient technologies and the creation of a high-quality and productive work environment.