18 October, 2019
White Stone business centre obtains BREEAM certification

October 18, 2019. The White Stone business centre, owned and operated by O1 Properties has been certified under the BREEAM system for environmental certification of buildings. White Stone was rated compliant with “BREEAM In-Use Part 1 – Asset Performance”. The certifying consultant was CBRE.

White Stone obtained highest scores in the following categories: Waste, Health & Wellbeing, Transport and Energy.

White Stone is among the most highly reputed business centres in Moscow. It is located in an established business district adjacent to Belorussky railway and metro stations, with rapid connections to Sheremetyevo Airport. White Stone has a full range of amenities (cafés, ATMs, mailboxes, etc.) on site, so that users do not need to travel around the city more than necessary, reducing carbon footprint which stands in line with the priorities of O1 Properties. The business centre is one part of a “green island”: neighboring buildings and the Belaya Ploshchad business centre (also owned and operated by O1 Properties) are also certified compliant with BREEAM standards for sustainable construction.

Advantages, which were taken into account during certification, include: separate waste collection; ability to regulate the internal environment (temperature and fresh air supply) in different zones of the centre; and an attractive rest zone with soft seating, plants and light-coloured natural stone, which helps users and guests to relax and avoid stress.

The business centre is remarkable for its contemporary architecture: panoramic glazing provides large quantities of natural light, with positive effect on the wellbeing of tenants.

Air conditioning equipment is cleaned regularly in order to improve air quality and reduce the risk of illness. Further work is planned for interior landscaping, using the recommendations of a specialized biologist, and also to improve water efficiency, based on recommendations of a CBRE representative.

O1 Properties is committed to certifying the whole of its real estate portfolio to BREEAM environmental standards as part of its sustainable development strategy. The company implements technologies and practices for management of its business centres, which reduce consumption of natural resources and minimise negative impact of buildings on the natural environment.

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