22 April, 2024
Used equipment collection campaign to be held at O1 Properties business centers

From April 1 to April 9, excluding the weekend, O1 Properties business centers will host the ElectroSpring campaign, an annual environmental initiative aimed at collecting and properly disposing of unnecessary household and office equipment and electronics.

Why is it important to collect equipment for sorting and recycling? When properly disposed of, it ends up in specialized factories, where harmful substances are neutralized and recycled materials are returned to the production cycle. Most household appliance parts can be recycled and reused. This allows to reduce the consumption of primary materials and decrease energy consumption.

On the indicated days, used equipment can be brought to the following business centers:

April 1 – Ducat Place III (6 Gasheka St.);

April 2 – LeFORT (27 Elektrozavodskaya St.);

April 3 – Vivaldi Plaza (2 Letnikovskaya St.);

April 4 – Lighthouse (26 Valovaya St.);

April 5 – iCUBE (58 Nakhimovsky Ave.);

April 8 – Bolshevik (15 Leningradsky Prospekt);

April 9 – Legend of Tsvetnoy (2 Tsvetnoy Boulevard).

The campaign is not limited to the tenants of these business centers, and invites everyone to participate and donate unnecessary equipment. O1 Properties invites the professional community to join our environmental initiative!

After the equipment is collected, it is transferred to a processing plant in the Moscow region and the Mordovia Ecological Plant.

What can you bring in?

• phones, tablets, laptops;

• household appliances (vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, irons, electric kettles);

• office equipment (mice, scanners, system units, printers);

• TVs, tape recorders, etc.;

• power tools;

• electric toothbrushes, wires, headphones, extension cords, garlands;

• cartridges (no more than 10% of collected equipment by volume);

• anything that requires an electric outlet or batteries to operate.

By organizing the Electric Spring campaign, O1 Properties seeks to comply with all legal requirements for electronics recycling, optimize related costs and protect the environment.