26 April, 2023

April 26 marked the end of the “Electric Spring” promotion that entailed the collection of used equipment and was conducted in all O1 Properties business centers together with the Sobirator (Collector) environmental and charitable project. As a result of the campaign, 2515.6 kg of electrical equipment were collected and sent for recycling.

Reception points were opened from April 10 to April 26 in 13 business centers. The record holder was the Krugozor business center, which received 572 kilograms of donations. Thanks to the collected equipment, enough energy was saved to light 3,522 houses and fill a 1.9 Olympic-sized swimming pool.

“Together with O1 Properties, we organize regular events to collect electrical equipment. As a result of the “Electric Spring” campaign, we managed to collect over 2 tons of equipment that will be recycled! We are glad when companies treat resources responsibly and take part in environmental actions,” shared Evgenia Rubnikovich, leading manager of environmental projects at Sobirator.

Why should used equipment be sorted and recycled, rather than just thrown away? When properly disposed of, equipment ends up in specialized factories, where harmful substances are neutralized and recycled materials are returned to the production cycle. Most household appliance parts can be recycled and reused. This allows to reduce the consumption of primary materials and reduce energy consumption.

The equipment collected during the action was transferred to enterprises for radiation testing, weighing and manual disassembly.

Environmental and social initiatives, compliance with the principles of sustainable development, implementation of ESG practices, association of socially responsible companies in the commercial real estate market – all this is an integral part of O1 Properties’ development strategy. Thank you for getting involved  and supporting events like this one!