22 April, 2024
O1 Properties to hold a second donor campaign

O1 Properties, a leader in sustainable development in the commercial real estate market, will hold its second donor event on April 16 at the Bolshevik business center. A total of 6 events are planned for 2024, each of which will take place at facilities owned by O1 Properties. 

The charitable initiative is organized by the Green One Club community.

During the first event, which took place on February 6 at the Vivaldi Plaza business center, 74 donors – tenants, staff and partners of O1 Properties, as well as representatives of the professional community – have successfully donated blood.

The campaign is taking place in partnership with the A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery and the Gift of Life charity foundation. All blood is directed to the patients of the Center.

O1 Properties is inviting real estate market players to join the charity initiative.

To participate, you must be in possession of your passport, SNILS, and the following printed and completed documents:

• donor questionnaire;

• consent to personal data processing;

• the donor’s voluntary consent to medical examination and blood donation.

Why is it important to donate blood regularly?

Healthy and regular donors are a guarantee that the hospital will have the required volume of blood to save the lives of patients when it’s needed.

The release of blood components collected from donors to medical institutions is carried out after a mandatory re-test, which is required to prevent the transmission of infections. If the donor is not retested, the blood components remain unclaimed.

The blood donation procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and includes the following steps:

1. Registration. Verification in an integrated donor database

2. Express laboratory: blood sample drawn from a finger. Determination of blood type and hemoglobin level

3. Appointment with a specialist in blood transfusion . Discussion of questionnaire, blood pressure measurement. The doctor decides whether a person can be a donor

4. Drinking tea – required to maintain water balance in the body

5. Blood collection. Approximately 6-10 minutes

6. Issuance of a donor certificate and monetary compensation. Afterwards, you can drink some more tea, get a souvenir, and make a donation if you’d like.