15 July, 2022
O1 Properties takes part in development of the Russian system for assessment and certification of sustainable buildings

O1 Properties takes part in development of the Russian system of assessment and validation of the sustainable buildings.

The new system was presented July 13th during the strategic session for commercial real estate market. The standard was developed by the community of green bulging experts with support of VEB.RF and National center for public private partnership. O1 Properties together with Millhouse, Raven Russia and community of largest landlords and developers take part in this process and bring the market expertise to create the effective infrastructure, up-to-date standard and verification system .

Elena Belevtseva, marketing director of O1 Properties: “Commercial real estate market needs the local standard. We offered our expertise and support to create the independent and flexible system. During the last years the amount of certified buildings increased dramatically and it is very important to preserve this trend making sure our market continues to adopt the best sustainable practices in building development and management. We hope that collaboration between key stakeholders of this project ensures the future success and wide adaptation of the standard.