14 January, 2020
O1 Properties raises number of business centres with BREEAM certification to 11

January 14, 2020. The Stanislavsky Factory business centre, owned and managed by O1 Properties, one of the largest owners of class-A office real estate in Moscow, has been certified under Parts 1 and 2 of the BREEAM environmental performance system (BREEAM In-Use methodology). The centre obtained “Good” and “Very Good” ratings, respectively. The certification consultant was CBRE.
The latest certification brings the number of sites in the O1 Properties portfolio with BREEAM environmental certification to 11 (10 operating business centres and one project at the development stage).

Stanislavsky Factory is a redevelopment of a former cable and wire manufacture, dating from the start of the 20th century. Two historic buildings have been preserved, including the main building of the former factory with an extended facade that follows the curving line of the street. The redevelopment, carried out in 2005, included careful renovation of the historic buildings and the addition of new buildings incorporating up-to-date technologies.

BREEAM In-Use Part 1 (“Asset Performance”) rates properties by “the inherent performance characteristics of the building based on its built form, construction and services”. Certification of Stanislavsky Factory under Part 1 covered a broad range of parameters: temperature and fresh air supply to public areas, offices of the management company and shared-use relaxation areas; use of LED lighting; provision of drinking water to building users; and installation of an automatic glare protection system in public areas. The business centre has excellent infrastructure and landscaped recreation zones, giving tenants access to catering, ATMs and mail, and providing on-site facilities for rest and relaxation. The centre has a separate waste collection system and work with tenants was carried out in 2019 to raise awareness of the importance of separate waste collection.

Stanislavsky Factory obtained highest scores in the following assessment categories of BREEAM In-Use Part 1: Waste, Land Use & Ecology, and Transport.

BREEAM in-Use Part 2 (“Building management performance”) rates properties by “management policies, procedures and practices related to the operation of the asset; the actual consumption of key resources such as energy, water and other consumables; and environmental impacts such as carbon and waste generation”. The certification experts noted that the operating policy of O1 Properties (owner) and O1 Standard (management company) is focused on efficient use of existing building capacities and progressive reduction of negative environmental impacts, including reduction of resource consumption, of non-recyclable waste, of the use of hazardous materials and of carbon emissions. Work is being carried out to minimize light pollution from artificial lighting. It was noted that Stanislavsky Factory regularly monitors electricity and water consumption, compares findings with target indicators, and makes the findings available to management company staff and all building users. The management company regularly sends water samples to an independent laboratory and conducts routine inspections and cleaning of engineering systems. Air purity, indoor temperature and content of volatile organic substances in suppliers’ products are monitored. All cleaning products used at the business centre have environmental certificates and are safe for human health. The management company carries out satisfaction surveys of building users to identify ways of improving comfort levels. Enhancement of biodiversity in the building grounds is based on a plan designed by an independent expert (several dozen plant species have been planted, birdhouses have been installed, and niches by the building entrance will be planted for the next growing season).

O1 Properties is working towards full certification of its real estate portfolio to BREEAM environmental standards as part of its commitment to sustainable development. The company implements technologies and practices for managing business centres, which reduce consumption of natural resources and reduce negative impact of buildings on the environment. As of December 31, 2019, over 610,000 sq.m. (GBA) of space at buildings of O1 Properties had obtained BREEAM certificates.