22 August, 2019
O1 Properties joins the UN Global Compact

August 22, 2019. The investment company O1 Properties has joined the UN Global Compact (UNGC). By joining the Global Compact, the company confirms its commitment to ten principles of responsible and sustainable business in the spheres of human rights, labour, environmental responsibility and combatting corruption.

The Global Compact is an international initiative of the United Nations to support corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, bringing  the international business community together to approve and disseminate transparent rules and technologies, which can promote the harmonious development of our world in the long term. The initiative unites more than 9500 companies in 160 countries. Details of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

A key objective of the UNGC is to promote and increase recognition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals, agreed and established by the world community, are designed to address and overcome global problems and threats. A special role in achieving the SDGs is assigned to business, which commits to changing its processes in order to reduce their potential negative consequences and increase positive contributions to the development of society.

As part of its adherence to the Global Compact, O1 Properties carried out its own analysis of the SDGs and identified Goal No. 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and Goal No. 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” as the priorities, which are most relevant to its own operations. In order to contribute to the achievement of these goals, the Company will work to improve environmental performance of commercial real estate in the O1 Properties portfolio, develop publicly accessible landscaped recreational areas, preserve cultural heritage sites, reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste at its business centres and support the development of alternative modes of transport.

O1 Properties has already installed engineering systems that reduce environmental impact of its buildings. In 2019 O1 Properties is certifying its entire portfolio to the internationally recognised BREEAM environmental standards in order to verify the operation of environmentally efficient technologies at its facilities. Six of the Company’s business centres and one project, which is under construction, are already BREEAM certified. O1 Properties is now in the process of introducing separate waste collection at all its facilities.

By investing in environment-friendly technologies, O1 Properties reduces consumption of natural  resources and harmful atmospheric emissions, creating a comfortable and healthy work space for its tenants and for local communities.

O1 Properties began publication of an annual sustainability report in 2019. Next year’s report will include information on progress in achieving the SDGs.

Page of O1 Properties on the UN Global Compact website.

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