4 July, 2019
O1 Properties hosted BREEAM community meeting

July 4, 2019. O1 Properties together with GreenOfficeLab.Club and the Russian Green Building Council hosted a meeting between Rufus Logan, a representative of the BRE Institute, and members of the Russian expert community at the head office of O1 Properties in Moscow. The UK-based BRE Institute is the designer of the internationally recognised BREEAM environmental certification standard for buildings and a leading researcher into construction technologies.

The experts discussed application of environmental certification standards to reduce environmental impact from construction and operation of buildings. They agreed that the future of green construction in Russia depends on raising awareness of its positive effects and of how environmentally efficient technologies can benefit human health and well-being. Government support for environmentally efficient technologies will play an important role in this process.

Pavel Barbashev, Commercial Director at O1 Properties, said: “State preferences for the construction and operation of buildings to green standards are very important for developers. Such support will encourage owners to invest in projects that have positive impact on human health, raise the quality of everyday life and reduce atmospheric emissions of CO2. By investing in green technologies, owners and developers both reduce the negative impact of their buildings on the environment and improve the well-being and productivity of people who spend a large part of their time in those buildings.”

Introduction of BREEAM RUS, the new Russian version of the BREEAM standard, will be an important step in furthering the practice of green construction and building management in Russia. The existence of a Russian version of the system will simplify work at the stage of certification and during subsequent application of BREEAM for the operation of buildings.

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