1 June, 2021
O1 Properties helps recycle 5.8 tons of old office equipment

1 June 2021. O1 Properties teamed with the Russian environment charity Sobirator to collect and recycle redundant office equipment from tenants at the Company’s business centres. Total 5808.5 kg of waste was collected and has been sent for recycling to partner companies of the Sobirator project. The action took place from 7 to 29 April 2021.

Staff of business centre tenants handed in old and surplus equipment at the buildings where they work. Large and small household and office equipment items, gadgets, plastic cards, CDs, pens, markers, wires, etc., were accepted. At the end of the action, O1 Properties jointly with Sobirator provided an online educational lecture on separate waste collection for all tenants of O1 Properties business centres, explaining how best to dispose of waste.

Calculation of environmental effect from the action showed that use of the secondary raw materials obtained from recycling of the collected equipment and materials (taking account of the energy and water used for recycling) could provide energy sufficient to light 8,131 houses and a volume of water equal to 4.5 Olympic pools.

Elena Belevtseva, Marketing and Communications Director at O1 Properties, said: “Implementing sustainability principles in management of our real estate portfolio is an integral part of our sustainable development program. We understand that sustainable office practices, such as separate collection and sorting of waste, motivates people to change their habits at home. Such small steps ultimately shape a new attitude towards the consumption of goods and management of waste and that is an important step towards changing public attitudes towards the environment.”

Looking after the environment and reducing the eco-trail at business centres is part of O1 Properties’ program of corporate social responsibility. Ten of the Company’s facilities are certified to the UK’s BREEAM standard for environmental performance. The buildings of O1 Properties are equipped with systems that save natural resources and reduce harmful atmospheric emissions. Most of the Company’s facilities have a landscaped outdoor area and are open to the general public. Separate collection and sorting of waste has been introduced and containers for the collection of used batteries have been installed in the offices of management companies at O1’s business centres. Since 2019, O1 Properties has been a member of the UN Global Compact, and since 2020 the Company has been an office partner for the National Network of the UN Global Compact.

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