21 May, 2019
O1 Properties gives expert advice at Startup Village

May 31, 2019. Pavel Barbashev, head of asset management and leasing at O1 Properties, was a speaker at the expert session “Technologies and the City. Innovations that Change the Lived Environment”. The event was held in Moscow as part of Startup Village, the seventh annual international conference for technology entrepreneurs, which was hosted by Skolkovo, Russia’s leading high-tech hub.

The session set out to identify innovations, which the real estate market needs in order to develop and offer solutions for a new generation of business tenants.

Pavel Barbashev said that the commercial real estate segment needs all-round automation of operation and maintenance systems to improve building management, and make it easier to prevent and respond to malfunctions. Businesses want technologies and services that provide a comfortable and productive working environment, including the ability to apply individual user preferences to large spaces and B2C services that improve user experience (delivery services, reduced waiting time for restaurant services, etc.). Building owners must also offer solutions to transform offices quickly and efficiently to meet rapidly changing business tasks.

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