25 September, 2017
Moody’s confirms corporate rating of O1 Properties at B1

September 25, 2017. Moody’s international agency confirmed the corporate rating of O1 Properties at the level of B1 with stable outlook.

Positive factors cited by Moody’s analysts that led to confirmation of the rating include high quality of the O1 Properties portfolio, most of which consists of A/A+ business centres located in Moscow’s central business district (the most stable and profitable segment of the Russian office market). The agency also noted that tenants at O1 business centres are well diversified, leasing contracts are mainly long-term and the structure of rental income is not dependent on single properties. Moody’s appreciates the Company’s commitment to keeping the share of development projects in portfolio value below 10% (the current level is a conservative below 5%). Taken together, these factors enable O1 Properties to show financial results, which are superior to the market average.

Moody’s first assigned a rating to O1 Properties in 2016. In addition the Company has a B+ rating with stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s, which was also confirmed in 2017.

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