28 August, 2019
Krugozor business centre obtains BREEAM certification

August 28, 2019. The Krugozor business centre, owned and operated by O1 Properties, has been certified under the BREEAM environmental performance system (“BREEAM In-Use”). The certification consultant was CBRE.

The Krugozor centre obtained highest scores in the following categories: separate waste collection; land use and environment; efficient use of electricity; transport accessibility.

Krugozor is a class-A business centre located in south-west Moscow. It consists of two buildings connected by a passage. The centre is a redevelopment of industrial buildings dating from the Soviet period. Work carried out for creation of the centre includes panoramic glazing, which, combined with a wide step of structural columns, enables efficient layouts with maximum natural light, improving energy efficiency indicators. Green areas and infrastructure at the centre are available for use by local communities as well as by tenants.

A number of actions were carried out to improve environmental performance of the centre in preparation for BREEAM certification. These included introduction this year of separate waste collection and trainings for tenants to encourage reduction of the amount of non-recyclable waste, which is generated at the centre. New installations included incandescent bulbs to replace energy-saving bulbs in shared-use areas, LED lighting, light sensors for automatic control of lighting needs, water-efficient plumbing equipment and a lift dispatching system.

Acoustic and temperature levels are monitored in order to maximize the comfort of tenants, and tenants are able to regulate temperature by zones inside their office space. Air conditioning and sanitation systems are cleaned regularly in order to improve air quality and reduce health risks.

Natalia Kornilova, Operations Director of the Group’s facility management subsidiary, O1 Standard, said: “Successful BREEAM certification of the Krugozor business centre shows that even a building where green technologies were absent at the time of original construction can be made environmentally efficient. During the certification process we identified future actions , which will enable us to further improve the environmental rating of the complex in the next 1-2 years. These include further landscaping (contributing to Moscow’s biodiversity) and greater use of water-efficient plumbing equipment. We are also planning to install electric car chargers, which will encourage the development of environmentally efficient transport. ”

Pavel Yakimchuk, Director of the Project Management Department at CBRE, said: “Certification of the Krugozor business centre is a landmark event for us, because we achieved high levels of certification, even though the building was a redevelopment project and not built from scratch. We successfully controlled the costs of certification and of essential work to obtain the rating, and the work, which we carried out, has made significant improvements to the building.”

O1 Properties is committed to certification of the whole of its real estate portfolio to BREEAM environmental standards. The company implements technologies and practices in management of its business centres, which reduce consumption of natural resources and negative impact on the environment.

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