24 May, 2023

The Clever national real estate project certification system demonstrated its high efficiency, taking the 2nd place in the “Green Eurasia” International Climate Competition. This achievement confirms the importance and relevance of sustainable development in the real estate industry.

The building assessment and certification system developed with the support of O1 Properties has received well-deserved international recognition. Clever not only improves the quality and energy efficiency of construction, but also helps preserve the environment and reduce the negative impact on the climate.

The award ceremony of the “Green Eurasia” International Climate Competition took place on May 24 as part of the II Eurasian Economic Forum, where Clever was recognized as one of the most innovative and promising certification systems for real estate projects.

The Clever certification system provides a comprehensive assessment and classification of real estate facilities, taking into account factors such as energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, waste management, residents’ health and comfort, and social responsibility.

O1 Properties’ participation in the development of a building assessment and certification system is an example of the expansion of environmentally responsible practices in the real estate industry. The company actively supports ESG initiatives, which stimulates the further development of innovative solutions and the introduction of green technologies in the real estate market.