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O1 Properties Sustainability Report 2018 plain text

A company can only achieve excellent financial performance over the long-term if it has a responsible approach to society at large. O1 Properties follows the best international standards of corporate social responsibility at all management levels and has built a transparent business structure based on relationships of trust with employees, clients and partners.

Corporate social responsibility at O1 Properties is guided by the following principles:

    • Information transparency, application of best corporate management practices and international accounting standards. 
    • Treating employees as partners, supporting their professional and career growth.
    • Caring for and reducing the negative impact on the environment through green standards in the design, construction and management of office buildings.
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles and team spirit by organising sports competitions for the staff of O1 Properties and its tenants.
    • Helping NGOs, charities and public institutions in their work with disadvantaged social groups, improving the quality of life of those most in need.
    • Preservation of historical heritage, patronage of culture and the arts. 

Collaboration with UN Global Compact and progress in Sustainable Development Goals 


O1 Properties makes special efforts to increase the awareness of the key stakeholders about the ecological efficiency of commercial real estate. The company created special web-site focused on these topics. Part of the articles describes the technologies that aim to reduce the ecological footprint of commercial real estate. Another part analyzes how ecological technologies help to create a healthy and productive environment inside the buildings.

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