Healthy lifestyles

O1 Properties is keen to support healthy lifestyles among its staff, tenants and society at large and to sponsor Russian sporting prowess. O1 Properties has recently established its own amateur tennis cup, offering a new opportunity for Company staff, partners and clients to come together in an informal environment and enjoy the thrills of competitive sport. In 2018 the Company for the forst time in its history held O1 Properties Tennis Cup during the world's largest real estate exibition MIPIM (Cannes, France)

O1 Properties has also encouraged its staff to create corporate  football team. Enthusiasm for football has been specially strong and in 2011 O1 Properties organised the O1 Football League. The League brings together teams from O1 Properties, partner companies and tenant companies at O1 office centres. There are now around 50 teams in the League, and they compete annually for the O1 League Cup.

A head office worthy of our staff

O1 Properties owes its success to the hard work and commitment of its staff, so they deserve the very best working environment. The head office of O1 Properties is located in the Lighthouse office centre, a BREEAM-certified building, fitted-out with high-quality natural materials and equipped with engineering systems that ensure a healthy and comfortable experience at work. Interior design of our head office is by Stanton Williams Architects (UK) and expresses our commitment to openness and quality. The designers paid special attention to visual links between individual rooms and the main office space, between visitors and employees, and between the business milieu and outstanding views over central Moscow.