Green buildings

As one of the largest owners of office real estate in Moscow, O1 Properties is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its buildings and ensuring the well-being of the people who use them. O1 Properties was one of the first in Russia to apply environmental standards at its office centres. Initiatives include the use of special technologies to save natural resources, reduction of water and power consumption, separation of waste flows, and support for environment-friendly transport.

O1 has led the way in Russia in the certification of buildings to international environmental standards. Eleven O1 Properties office centres in Moscow (White Square, Ducat Place III, Lighthouse, Greendale, Vivaldi Plaza, iCUBE, White Stone, Krugozor, LeFORT, Silver City and Stanislavsky factory) have been certified compliant with the UK’s BREEAM system for environmental certification of buildings, which is now the most popular system of its kind in Europe. The Greendale centre is the only building in Russia to date, which BREEAM specialists have judged "Outstanding".

Commitment to green technologies benefits tenants of O1 Properties by creating optimal working conditions and reducing their operating expenses.

Recycles day at O1 Properties

In November 2018 O1 Properties made a contribution to Recycle Day (November 15) and launched the recycling waste collection initiative in the company’s office centers. The initiative collected 5603 kilograms of recycling waste from tenants. Most of the collection was waste paper. Recycling this amount of waste reduces the carbon footprint from operations at the business centres, lowering their CO2 emissions by 9387 kilograms. It also saves the equivalent of 108,311 litres of primary water resources and 5,264 kW of electricity, and prevents the felling of 27 trees.

Earth Hour

O1 Properties supports Earth Hour, the annual worldwide WWF initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues and the need for a more sustainable approach to natural resources. On the last Saturday of March we turn off the external lighting of our office buildings for one hour, joining hands with other environment-conscious companies around the world. We hope that our example will encourage Russian society to pay more attention to the problems of climate change and sustainability .

Earth Overshoot Day

In 2016 O1 Properties joined another international sustainability initiative, Earth Overshoot Day, which calculates the day in each year when human consumption of natural resources overtakes the ability of the planet to regenerate those resources in a full 12-month period.

The website focused on ecology in commercial real estate

O1 Properties makes special efforts to increase the awareness of the key stakeholders about the ecological efficiency of commercial real estate. The company created special web-site focused on these topics. Part of the articles describes the technologies that aim to reduce the ecological footprint of commercial real estate. Another part analyzes how ecological technologies help to create a healthy and productive environment inside the buildings.

Please visit the website for the full information.