Poems for the Night at Stanislavsky Factory

October 26, 2018. O1 Properties joined the Art Night initiative, held this year in Moscow on 4 and 5 November.

The company will hold a mini-festival of poetry, Poems for the Night, at Stanislavsky Factory, which is one of Moscow's most atmospheric business centres. The former thread factory was once owned by the family of the great reformer of the stage, Konstantin Stanislavsky, who worked and organized amateur drama there before beginning  his professional theatre career more than 100 years ago.

The festival will include performances by outstanding contemporary poets, Evgeny Goron, Anna Arkatova and Dmitry Makarov. Postcards with texts by Dmitry Makarov and illustrations by the young artist Li Po will be on sale, and can be sent directly from the Factory to any address in the world. Works by the artist will also be on display and funds raised from their sale will be donated to the Orbi Foundation, which supports the victims of strokes and their families.

The festival starts at 22.00. Admission is free by prior registration.

Details on the site.

O1 Properties pursues a large-scale program to support culture and the arts, and makes special efforts to promote young talent.

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