The Ecological Debt Day will take place in the O1 Properties business centers

05 August 2016 - The investment company O1 Properties, one of the largest owners of class A office properties in Moscow, will join the World Wildlife Fund initiative (WWF) “The Ecological Debt Day”. The event will take place on 8 August in the 5 business centers of the company: White Square, Ducat Place III, Lighthouse, Silver City and White Stone.

On this day, the campaigns in support of WWF global initiative – will start in Moscow to remind about the fact that the resources of our planet are limited and require an attitude of care. With the current level of its consumption, humanity will face an ecological catastrophe.

WWF has organized an annual global ecological debt campaign since 1970. The main type of waste, as evaluated by the ecological footprint, is carbon dioxide, and natural resources (like forest, water, land) needed by people to construct buildings and roads are taken into account.

Since its foundation in 2010, O1 Properties has participated in the WWF ecological initiatives, and has developed programs which reduce the negative impact of the urban environment on nature. Currently, the company’s 5 business centers (White Square, Ducat Place III, Lighthouse, Vivaldi Plaza, Greendale) have the BREEAM international certificates with the highest rating level.

Alexander Ostrovsky, Chief Executive Officer O1 Properties: “We are glad to join the WWF initiative. Taking part in this campaign, we once again appeal to our employees and tenants to pay attention to an issue as topical as preservation of the environment, and to minimize negative impact on wildlife. Ecological effectiveness is one of O1 Properties’ strategic objectives, reflected also in our approach to the development of our business centers.”

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