Moёt Hennessy moved to Bolshevik business and cultural complex, Moscow

October 06, 2017 – Russian headquarters of Moёt Hennessy, part of LVMH Group, a global leader in luxury goods, has moved to Bolshevik business and cultural complex. JLL advised on the lease of approx. 1,600 sq m while ABD architects worked on the headquarters’ interior design. The gala opening of the new office for Moët Hennessy, company that integrates such world-renowned Houses as Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Krug, Chandon, Mercier, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, Belvedere and many more brands of both Old World and New World wines, will be held in the middle of October 2017.

The office is tastefully decorated with light wood and white stone with see-through partitions made to order. Floors in both meeting rooms and workspace are laid with engineered wood panels. Those and many other stylish details make the office stand out among others and accentuate its style and elegance.

Bolshevik business and cultural complex is a project of renovation of the territory of the same-name famous confectionery factory located on Leningradsky Avenue. Three of the factory buildings constructed at the turn of the 20th century by French architect Oscar Didio have been recognized as cultural heritage objects. The project for the territory renovation was elaborated by John McAslan + Partners, UK. Bolshevik complex includes an A class business centre with loft style offices, an outdoor public area, a spacious atrium with retail zone, and the Museum of Russian Impressionism.

Francois Xavier Desplancke, Managing Director, Moёt Hennessy: “Our new office perfectly embodies the company’s spirit by combining our brands’ style and modern design solutions. Moёt Hennessy frequently hosts receptions and wine tastings. Thanks to our new office space, we now have a multifunctional transformer zone featuring a unique wooden bar by artist Nikolay Polissky, allowing us to held a 200-people event without interrupting office work.”

Pavel Barbashev, Head of Asset Management and Leasing, O1 Properties: “Moёt Hennessy relocation to its new office in Bolshevik is a perfect example of tenant and property synergy. Bolshevik is a complex specifically renovated for modern and creative companies with a thing for sophisticated architecture. We believe our partnership is the perfect match in atmosphere, style and culture.”

Kate McMurtrie, Regional Director, Head of Corporate Solutions, JLL: “The Moet Hennessy office in Bolshevik is very good example of how a successful tenant-landlord partnership shall perform in Moscow. Together with our client, we had a clear vision for their future office – and O1 Properties took up the challenge and delivered the win-win solution. JLL Corporate Solutions was proud to help Moet Hennessy make it happen.”

Dennis Kuvshinnikov, Director of interior design department, ABD architects: “117 Moёt Hennessy employees now work in Bolshevik Business and Cultural Complex. A 50 sq m wooden bar is a distinctive feature of the new office. Thanks to movable partitions, the bar space can be merged with a large meeting room and the lounge to make up a huge 120 sq m area suitable for company events. Loft atmosphere has been created by the use of specific materials, mainly by local partners, in order to optimize the fit-out budget.”

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