We aim to be a leading player in the Russian real estate market through commitment to the following strategic objectives:

O1: Invest in premium office real estate only  

Our modern, high-quality portfolio of class-A office properties means that we can provide leading companies with the premises and facilities, which they need. We will continue to offer innovative, efficient and functional office spaces with cutting-edge design at cost-effective levels.

O1: Focus on the Moscow market

Our portfolio is 100% focused on the Moscow market, which offers one of the highest rental yields in Europe. By offering premium office space to leading Russian and international companies, we can take advantage of the sector’s high growth rates and leverage the prestige factor of being based in Russia’s capital city. 

O1: Keep leverage at reasonable level

A company, which is growing quickly and attracting investments, needs careful management of its debt level. We believe that the share of borrowed capital should not exceed 50% in order to ensure that our business remains protected.

O1: Keep a balance between yield generating assets and development

Assets that generate steady cash flow are a strong foundation for the business, while development projects can bring extra margin as well as opportunities to create unique and efficient new office buildings. To ensure sustainable growth, we aim to limit development projects to 10% of total portfolio value.